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About Me

My passion for jewelry began long time ago, when I was a child. I remember those special occasions when my grandmother used to gift me with costume jewelry. I would proudly wear it, pretending I was a high society lady.


From that early age, I discovered how jewelry has the power to transform one's look and create totally different outfits. As I grew up, jewelry became to me an essential tool to express my personal style and make a statement.


Later on, jewelry became my job. First during college years, as a side job to pay my studies. And years later, as my full-time occupation and the reason why I moved from Italy to New York.


To me, jewelry is fun, sweet memories, and dreams coming true, since I am now living the American dream.


I have been working in the diamond district – New York city – since 2019, specializing in high quality presentation for luxury jewelry brands. After years of working in the jewelry industry, I developed a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by jewelry start-ups.


Building your own jewelry business can feel overwhelming. Working with jewelers on a daily basis made me acquire the knowledge and expertise to assist you in taking the crucial initial steps necessary to start your own jewelry business.


My experience has allowed me to establish valuable connections with a network of professionals who specialize in various aspects of the jewelry industry. At the same time, I have the capability to look at the bigger picture as a whole. I start from Your vision and make it real, .


Let me to guide you throughout the process of starting your jewelry brand, using my expertise to empower you and transform your passion into a sparkling business.

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